Which road will you take?


"There is a way that seems right to you, but the end... [you fill it in]...  In all your ways put Him first, and He will direct your path." (Pro 16:25, 3:6)

As a Christian worker in a country not your own, you want to feel progress.  You are highly motivated to leave a positive legacy in your host culture.  Therefore, a mediocre outcome is not an option.

The best outcomes happen when you make the best decisions and act intentionally.



WE Serve at your point of need:

Connect you with people and tools that will empower you to navigate well through risk filled career decisions.

Connect your team and strengthen your global influence as a church or international team.

Connect you to God's Truth to deepen your love for Christ, for His Church, and for His mission to the world. 

At life's crossroads, we need to discover the King's choice!



As you search, ask yourself ... “What outcomes do I want to see from my service for Christ in ten years?” 

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